Singled Out? Try AA for Singles

Do you remember Singled Out on MTV? When Jenny McCarthy hosted a show where 50 guys and 50 girls competed for a main person of the opposite sex? Well… I wish it still existed. At least that way I would have 49 guys to choose from, just in case my friends (secretly) organized a blind date for me.

Yes. They did, they are unstoppable, and if they weren’t my friends they would be dead.

It all started when I got back from living in Italy.
I called my best friend so we could have dinner (a girls night out is what I had in mind)…. but she already had plans with her boyfriend.
Oh ok then! Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Oh no! She insisted. Come with Alex and me! It’s nothing special, we’re just having dinner.
Since I’ve known Alex for the past 7 years and it’s not uncommon for us 3 to go out together (due to my long distance relationships and current single status), I didn’t hesitate. Let’s go have sushi!
She then decides we should invite our other girlfriend… which would come with her new McFlurry*
Great so now I was having dinner with 2 couples.

I might’ve complained by saying I was going to seem like their violinist, but all that mattered was that I was going to see the girls.

When I get to dinner there they were… not 2 couples, but 4 + 1(one SINGLE guy).

I had been set up! I wanted to die. I felt like Bridget Jones in her family’s Christmas party… when everyone was trying to set her up with Darcy, the stuck up lawyer with a silly sweater (which we later get to ADORE), except this Darcy was an accountant, he had a nice shirt, and apparently wasn’t as stuck up as he seemed. He even surfed and was well-travelled. But about the set up blind date. FAIL. It was a total failure. I hate dates and it was too awkward to handle. He was giving me these looks, as if we were ACTUALLY on a date, as if I liked him and found him so interesting I couldn’t wait to take him home. HA! Well this Bridget Jones wasn’t 30, or desperate, this Bridget Jones didn’t really want Mr. Darcy. I’ve always been more of a sucker for  Daniel, Daniel Cleaver… yes that would be Hugh Grant, and that would be the asshole.

So I decided to completely ignore the guy and had a chat with the girls as planned… and that’s where everything ended.

Or so I thought.

Two weeks later I start a new job and one of my co-workers invites me to a party. She was going with her boyfriend (surprise, surprise) and I told her I would love to come too! Ok then, so you have a boyfriend? … No I answered… and surprise, surprise she asked Why?!

Yes, it seems like no matter how much the United States or other cultures influence Puerto Rico, we still have this mentality of getting married and having children before we’re 30. There’s nothing wrong with it and I have to admit, I thought that would be me as a 12 year old. I imagined myself graduating from college at 21, having a career by 24, getting married by 25, and having children by 26. But it is not going to happen any time yet, and I’m happy about that…. and people should be ok with it too!

But no… my co-worker went on with… “Well I have the perfect guy for you! You have to meet him! His my boyfriend’s brother, and you two would be great together.” WTF

So I told her about my experience with blind dates and said “No, thank you. If we happen to meet by chance while we’re all out then great, but I don’t want to be set up.”

A week went by and my co-worker came up to me “I have to tell you something, I told my boyfriend’s brother about you… I said to him ‘You have to meet this girl! She’s a beautiful red head, she just got back from Italy yada yada, yada yada.’ But he interrupted me and said ‘Are you fucking with me?'”

“No! I know him?!… who is he?!”

She started laughing… “He said ‘My friends just hooked me up with this girl… she was a redhead, that just got back from Italy, and her name was…'”


It was the same guy. The same guy!! Two totally different people decided that we were perfect for each other… are you kidding me?! Are we?! Maybe we are… maybe we are just meant to be!

…. or maybe he’s the only single guy, my age. Great. I’m moving away.

*A McFlurry is a Puerto Rican McDreamy… well kind of.


About hipcoulture

Sicilian mud-bath. undecided at mind, decided at heart. brave when moving away, a coward when saying goodbye. great when talking about others, terrible when talking about myself. love travelling... love everything about it.
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7 Responses to Singled Out? Try AA for Singles

  1. Tania says:

    ajajajajaja me muero con tus post!!!! no habia un tercer encounter con este tipo????

  2. Lupe says:

    ajajjajjaa! Love this story! What are the odds!!??
    I bet your friends just wanted to help you so you could start having sex again. 🙂

  3. Amelia says:

    Mujer! Mejor cambiemos de estrategia.
    Tal vez has olvidado que PR es pequeño, muy pequeño. Cuenta con que sigo orando por nosotras, I trust God. Love you girl ; )

  4. Charleen says:


    loka, McFlurry! i really like this.

  5. Meli says:

    haha, no he hablado con vos en mucho tiempo, pero me encanta leer tus historias de “amor”. LOL

    no hay nada malo con ser soltera, solo mira quien te lo dice 😛

  6. mai says:

    HAHAHHAHA!!!! PERFECTO! This blog thing is great! you want to know my opinion, career wise? write a book with pictures. love you

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