Next Leap Year is in 2012

By then I will be 26… he will be 30. Not bad at all.

So I watched Leap Year with my best friend… and Declan (the guy) reminds me SO much of him. The way he talks to her… the way he’s mean in a nice way… I was in love with this guy and while we were friends he would make comments such as “you look like a wet rat” What a horrible **** I was SO offended. In my culture if someone has wet hair you say they look like a “wet chick” (as in the bird)… but a rat!!!! Wow he must’ve really liked me!…he did.

I met this guy 7 years ago. It was love at first sight. I offered him ice cream as I met him on my dorm room steps, and that was it… well it wasn’t that easy! But it should’ve been. We were together for almost 4 years, but I was only 21 by the end of it and even though I knew (we knew) we were perfect for each other, I needed to take my own path and discover the world. I don’t think I’ve ever had as many people mad at me as at that point, I mean, my mom cried when it happened, and my dad, well he always thought we would get back together at some point, even though I had another serious relationship almost right after, and my best friend and I would argue continuously over my stupidity (which she now understands was necessary). But anyway, we talk, a lot. We are, or at least were best friends. When I split up with my boyfriend that followed him, he almost flew across the ocean to kill him (another long story), and he would listen to me crying over the phone for this other guy for months.When I think about it I don’t even know how he could handle it while loving me… but he did. I mean by that point he already had a girlfriend of his own… but we never spoke about it. We continued talking as usual, about me moving to London for Fashion school and meeting up during the weekends to hang out…. Every time we saw each other it was as if time had stood still and we went back to when we met. When I hardly understood him – because of his strong British accent and my weak ear for the English language in general (it was my first week of school in the States… I came from Puerto Rico)- when I fell in love with his accent, his deep blue eyes and his silly British mullet (ha! I didn’t even know what a mullet was!), when I tried desperately to conquer him at 17 and he just went off to the bars to conquer American girls! Which I then learned was only an act. He loooved me, and would come visit me to my dorm room door after he was wasted! And wouldn’t even kiss me…

because he thought it would ruin our friendship, and he didn’t want me to be just like all the other girls… he was such a gaylord! But in the end we stayed together, he was right as always… we were the perfect couple… or at least he was the perfect man.  I was a ‘mardy bum’ as he called me, and he would make me laugh my madness off. I could never be mad for too long with him, he always brought out the best of me.

“I bet youll tell me off for not calling you, but i just wanted to tell you how besotted i am with you. i never really could put a date on when i fell in love with you, i guess i always have! you make me smile, you make me mad, but i love you because you have a true heart, one crafted from love, youre a genuine person whom i respect and want to love for days to come.” December ’05

“i love you babe, lets get married soon, i want to be with you always!” August ’06

And I loved him so much, everything he did to me was amazing… it still is. And even though we split up we still believed we were meant for each other… and he would tell me how much he loved me and how I was the only person for him, how he thought the world of me and could never love anyone as he loves me. But he had a girlfriend, so I never replied to his thoughts, I never told him I felt the same way. I just lived life to the maximum, went out with other guys, and thought… when he notices he can’t spend the rest of his life with a woman, while knowing that the love of his life is out there… out here… I will then confess all my love.

But guess we can’t have too many plans.

2010 started with a phone call from a friend… He got engaged on January 1st “when the clock hit 12, he went down on his knee”… bloody facebook had it all over newsfeed.

My soulmate got engaged… and I only had spoken with him 2 weeks earlier… He never said anything.

I can’t even imagine him picking a ring for someone else… I just can’t.

So do you even believe in soulmates? I mean do you think we have more than one?

If not I guess I’ll have to wait til 2012… and hope he’s waiting in Dublin!


About hipcoulture

Sicilian mud-bath. undecided at mind, decided at heart. brave when moving away, a coward when saying goodbye. great when talking about others, terrible when talking about myself. love travelling... love everything about it.
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3 Responses to Next Leap Year is in 2012

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  2. Viviana says:

    —Story… just like I remembered—- 2012 is not too far 😉

  3. lili says:

    Chica, lo mismo me paso a mi. Increible pero sierto. Yo estaba igual que tu, como que ” I just want to live my life” tu sabe not ready for a relationship and I thought he will always love me and be there in the end and I just found out thru facebook that my highschool love of millions of year is engaged… the worst is the regret you feel afterward thinking “that ring could of been for me”, pero in the end I know that there’s no way I could be marry right now

    I love your post!!

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