One night stand and ‘the worry dolls’

So it’s 8a.m. and I can’t sleep… and a certain set of cool pillow cases, which I found years ago, came to mind.

I found some on the net although not the same ones… but what I did find while doing a search on my Gmail for ‘pillow’ were various e-mails, amongst them, one from ’05 which made me very nostalgic.

The worry dolls e-mail:

“I know that worries come down to the person…i am a worrier! i always have been, i can remember i used to have a little box, the size that would have matches in, especially made to house 9 dolls, the size of matches that were all dressed differently. think there was even a black one in there, but i didnt like him much, only joking! they were called worry dolls and i forget who bought them for me but i used them a lot. the idea was that each night, you would tell your worries to the dolls, put them back in the box, under your pillow and by morning the worry was gone.”

🙂 Maybe I should try it.

Miranda July’s pillowcases. Go check her artwork on Click on the picture for the pillowcases.

Now this next one is the one I was looking for… but I couldn’t find the artist’s website! And it’s apparently sold out wherever I found it… But anyway. I think the series of pillow cases they made, are pretty cool.

Can’t be well appreciated but it’s a Good Nite knuckle tattoo.


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Sicilian mud-bath. undecided at mind, decided at heart. brave when moving away, a coward when saying goodbye. great when talking about others, terrible when talking about myself. love travelling... love everything about it.
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