Carnevale di Venezia: Sensational

Carnival in Venice takes place every year in February. It’s the city’s most important festival, and attracts thousands of people around the world. It attracted me last year! It was Valentine’s weekend and even though it wasn’t a particularly romantic weekend, I loved being part of the Carnival.
Locals dress up, old festivities revive, and it’s as if you were stuck in Medieval times. It’s absolutely beautiful and you can go to all the activities during a weekend.
The Carnival’s theme since 2008 has been ‘Sensation: 6 Senses in 6 Districts’ and basically makes people visit all of its districts in order to hear, see, savor, smell and feel the full festival.
My favorite was Carnival in the Dark, it basically takes you inside a pitch black space where you need to walk around and use all of your senses except for sight. It is an amazing experience, specially once you know that your guide is blind. It gives you an insight into what their life is like and really makes you appreciate the gift of sight.
Here are some pics of the Carnival.
If you want to know more about where to stay or tips in general just let me know!

The famous Rialto bridge

Basilica San Marco


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