By the end of today…

It’s been almost 2 years since I first saw this video by digital creatives Crush + Lovely. However, I still love what they’ve managed to do with a camera and a simple question. It’s amazing how something as simple can spark such feelings from people; feelings that might be invisible to the hustle and bustle of a typical metropolis, but will always be there.

Every time I watch it, it evokes completely different feelings. When I’m abroad it makes me feel hopelessly homesick. But now that I’m home and I’m desperately seeking to go somewhere refreshing, it makes me think of how ungrateful I am.

Oh aren’t we ungrateful. And you know we all are. You know that no matter what, the grass will always be greener on the other side.

Perhaps by the end of the day I don’t want to have my dream job… or perhaps tomorrow I wouldn’t want to wake up in London, or Rome… could you imagine if by the end of the day I would appreciate what I have, and go to bed wishing I wouldn’t wake up anywhere but in my bed… now that would be refreshing… at least for now, at least for the day.

I leave you to it.

In some corner between Brooklyn and London. Thinking about what would you wish to happen by the end of the day.

And tomorrow? Where would you like to wake up?


About hipcoulture

Sicilian mud-bath. undecided at mind, decided at heart. brave when moving away, a coward when saying goodbye. great when talking about others, terrible when talking about myself. love travelling... love everything about it.
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1 Response to By the end of today…

  1. Tania says:

    By the end of today I just really wish you are happy, with whatever you are doing, wherever you are and with whatever decision you take… because by the end of today you are still going to be A GREAT PERSON, FRIEND, SISTER, and DAUGHTER. I love you and thank you for reminding me that live is what we make of it. CARPE DIEM!!!

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