This blog doesn’t serve a purpose other than entertaining you with some of the many things that amuse me: travel, design, photography, music, and life in general. From time to time, you will find personal stories… I often wonder why I share them.

If you’re a friend, thank you for reading. If you’re a stranger, today is your lucky day… I don’t open up to strangers this easily.

PS If you come up with a better description for this blog, please share. I suck at “about me”s.

On Turkey’s version of a “Flying Carpet” 2009


4 Responses to about

  1. holden says:

    As the winds whisper secrets
    With no one to hear them
    And sinners tune in in
    To the sound of millions
    In the sphere of things holy
    Where Nothing really matters
    All gods are for sale
    But no money to buy them
    To the man without regrets
    I say have you learned nothing
    And to those without secrets
    Don’t speak prematurely
    If wisdom of the ages
    Has taught us all nothing
    What lessons still remain
    I fear to question
    To the lovers of the world
    I say you are the blessed
    In each others hearts
    You will find freedom
    But not without it’s price
    For no love can grow old
    Without it’s fruits of labor
    No child can reap grapes
    Without ladders to reach them
    And no one can teach one
    What life has to offer
    Although many may try
    They will never achieve this
    In the end what does it matter
    If you can’t take it with you
    Sweet bitterness of life
    Is all stored in the heart
    In duality we came
    In the same way we’ll leave
    Leaving fingerprints of gods
    With our children behind us

  2. Ted Tremper says:


    I just wanted to thank you so much for featuring Break-ups: The Series on your site. I’m very flattered by your review, and I certainly will try to live up to it!

    Keep up the amazing work.

    Kindly yours,

    Ted Tremper

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